Exactly What Men Want In A Woman

May 27th, 2010

Before attempting to attract or impress any man, it is very important to learn exactly what men want in a woman.

If you can give your man what he wants, he will become faithful, be open to new things and will listen to your every word. By giving him what he needs, he will want a relationship or even marriage. 

Only knowing what men want in a woman is not enough to make him commit. You will need to know how to captivate him, make him fall in love and keep him. These three things are very important for any relationship. While it may sound like a difficult task, it can be achieved with proper guidance.

I put together a list of some important things I discovered when I was learning what men want in a woman.

1. Be Who You Really Are. It is so important to not be someone who you are not. What men want in a woman is authenticity. They want someone who is their own person and not someone copying some celebrity on television.

2. Do Not Be Desperate For Him. After a couple of dates, you may have fallen in love with him. You may feel like you want to see him every second of the day, but you should not. To maintain interest, you should continue to pursue regular activities before you met him. This can include your career, relationships with others and any hobbies. The idea is to never let him think that he is the only person you want to spend time with.

3. Look Attractive. Do your best to look good on every date or occasion. Men usually like women with straight hair who wear high heels with a cute dress. Also, studies have revealed that what men want in a woman is someone who takes care of their face and body. Using daily moisturizers or scrubs and doing cardio regularly is a great way to stay looking good.

4. Be Understanding. It is important to understand that men do not always think like women. Men are the ones that think their way through problems while women like to talk about their feelings. What men want in a woman is someone that can help them solve their problem and not necessarily talk about their feelings.

5. Provide A Boost For His Ego. Men have egos that need to be fed with compliments. This can be done in a variety of different ways. It usually works best in the bedroom. However, it’s important to not overdo it outside of the bedroom. The idea is to never sound like you are desperate for him. This will keep him working for you.

6. Be Independent. What men want in a woman is some form of independence. This can mean different things for various men. Some men consider being independent by having your own career. Others may view it as being able to go places on your own.

7. Be Supportive. What men want in a woman is support during tough times. Even if he looks like a superman that can deal with everything, he still needs you to be there for him. This is one of the best ways to keep a man.

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Five Qualities That Define What Men Want In A Woman

January 12th, 2012

If you are a woman looking for a man to share your life with then on occasion you may have wondered what men want in a woman. The answer is that ultimately men like women who are interesting. What men want in a woman is someone who they feel has some interesting depth to them beyond any good looks they may have. Good looks can help attract a man in the first place, but they won’t keep him around for the long term. There are many different traits that can make a woman interesting to a man and interesting in general, but there are five in particular that can make a woman irresistible to the right man and they all start with the letter ‘I’.


Men like a woman who is her own person. They like a woman who stands out from the crowd and who has her own interests, and her own drives and motivations. They like a woman who has her own strange little quirks, her own way of doing things, and her own individual personality. A woman who tries too much to ascribe to generic cookie-cutter ideals of being what every man wants will not hold a man’s attention for long, as she is basically just making herself appear bland and uninteresting.


Men like women who are intelligent and thoughtful. They like women who reason things out and think them through, rather than acting or reacting blindly without any forethought. The woman doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist, but she should be someone who can apply some intelligence and common sense to a situation. A woman who simply parrots what everyone else is saying without considering the logic in it, or who blindly reacts to situations without putting things into perspective is someone who the average man will consider to be more trouble than they are worth.


While there are times when a man may like to be the focal point of a woman’s attention, they also like knowing that the woman has her own life going on apart from them. Men often like to be the problem solvers in a relationship, but they don’t want to have to solve every problem that a woman has and they don’t want to have a woman depending on them to make every decision for them. The relationship between a man and a woman should be a partnership of equals who each have their own lives going on, but who have chosen to share those lives.


Men often like to be the one take the initiative in certain situations, but they also like women who can come up with their own plans and put them forward. They like women who aren’t afraid to initiate action and suggest things to do and ways to go about solving problems. If a woman is always waiting for the man to initiate things then he will start to think that he is doing all the work in the relationship and may begin to resent it.

Intensity (Passion)

Men find women with their own intense interests and passions interesting. Women with hobbies they enjoy and get involved in tend to be women with some interesting depth to them. Even if a man doesn’t share a woman’s specific interests he will generally enjoy the fact that the woman is intensely interested in her hobby, and it will give them something to talk about.

What men want in a woman is basically the same thing as what women want in a man – someone who interests them. For a woman to be interesting to a man that woman first needs to be an interesting person herself. The best way to achieve that is for the woman to be her own intelligent, independent, and individual person with her own interests and passions. So, don’t be afraid to be your own person, with your own individual quirks and passionate interests.

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Crown Him The King In His Kingdom

January 12th, 2012

Someone said ‘men are from mars, women are from Venus’ this tells how differently they are wired, and have different communication styles, different emotional needs and different behaviors. Often, women who in this case are from Venus make terrible mistakes of trying to force men to adapt to their Venus atmosphere rather than striving to understand men’s world is and make them enjoy their freedom in it. This causes them to rub on each other like sandpaper and leaves many women wondering what men want in a woman.

Most gorgeous and sophisticated ladies can’t understand why they loose a perfect man to another simply less gorgeous woman despite their class and beauty. one or two qualities aren’t enough but a combination of inner and outer beauty.
Here are a few secrets for women out there who really want to know how to attract so as to love, to hold and cherish forever, and in return receive admiration and strongly secured love.

1. Recognition. Every man believes he is the lion and the king in his own kingdom. Underestimating this authority, will cause him either to prove it by force or walk away to where his reigning will be worshiped and adored. Every body loves to be recognized and praised, but recognizing a man in a genuine way massages his ego and makes him want to go an extra mile. He feels valued, appreciated and worth to be around you. Even little and simple efforts done towards any growth or improvement must be recognized. Take for instance a simple act of opening the door or pulling a seat for you, providing, whether in a big or simple way should never go unrecognized.

2. Wisdom, Understanding and knowledge. There is nothing that pleases a man like a wise woman. An ancient proverbs says ‘A wise woman builds her house with her hands, but a foolish woman destroys it with her hands’ an understanding woman knows which button to touch and when, time to walk away and when to draw near, time to speak and time to listen. Knowledge makes her stand out from the rest; it is also a platform for good communication and sensible yet fun discussion with the man.

3. A nurse/ caretaker. Just like women loves to be nursed, so is a man. Much time they face tough challenges, wounded egos, heartbreaks and financial blows. Who nurses him? A woman who truly cares and nurses a man is what men want in a woman.

4. Home maker. After a hard day, what every man want is a peaceful well made home. Whether his home is a palace or a make shift, home is the best. it is his little haven where he finds shelter and comfort! Make it a better place for him.

5. Beauty. Beauty attracts, but it also fades. Just like a rose flower that blossom in the morning and wither in the evening so does beauty of woman if not combined with inner beauty. A loving caring heart, cheerful and not harsh words, a peace maker , femininity adds to inner beauty.
What men want in a woman is to have a home inside her and with her where he can build his castle and be crowned the king!

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Understanding What Men Want In A Woman

May 26th, 2010

While you are discovering what men want in a woman, you may be curious to know what they are presently thinking. This is probably because you believe that there is something wrong when he is quiet. However, there is probably nothing troubling him and yet you keep thinking that there is.

You see, there is probably nothing wrong with him. He is most likely working something out in his head or maybe thinking of a solution. Whatever is causing him to be silent, it is probably nothing serious or something to be worried about.

It’s important to understand that men solve problems by thinking and women do it by talking. Obviously men do talk, but they do not like to have serious chats about their feelings. This is because they have a different way of getting their feelings out. This can be through sports, games, driving cars or any other hobbies. 

Most men will let you know about serious things that need to be talked about. In order for this to take place, you must make him feel comfortable and let him open up when he is ready. Since men focus on problem solving, you should use try his approach.

Instead of questioning why he is quiet, you need to help him find a solution to his problem. You do not want to be questioning him but rather telling him that you want to help. Therefore, what men want in a woman is a person that can be a problem solver rather than a person who is questioning his feelings.

It’s important to find a good time to resolve the problem. Men usually do not like to be bothered while they are playing sports, watching their favorite television shows or doing labor work. What men want in a woman is someone who can give personal space when needed.

Therefore, what men want in a woman is patience, some personal space, and understanding of how he deals with problems. There are dozens of other things to consider, but these are the foundation of what men want in a woman.

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Discovering What Men Want In A Woman

May 25th, 2010

Discovering what men want in a woman can become a difficult task. Many women have tried at least a several times to find the answer to this question. By being able to understand what men want in a woman, you will hold the key to his heart.

The good news is that men are usually less complicated to understand. Before we analyze what men want in a woman, it is important to understand how the male mind works.

We need to get down to the fundamental difference between males and females. You see, women are expressive and have a need to talk about their feelings, but many men try to ignore listening or talking about it. It almost seems like men do not care about our feelings, right?

It seems normal to discuss any sort of emotional issues you may be experiencing. This would be the only way to understand what the other person is thinking, right? It definitely makes sense, but it does not work the same with men.

It does not have to do with them not caring, but rather not being able to deal with strong emotions. In many studies, it was revealed that men react much stronger to emotions. Their hearts race and it results in strong adrenalin. It also takes their bodies longer to return to normal than it does for women.

Men subconsciously avoid strong emotions because their bodies have a difficult time dealing with it. Other studies reveal that men are unable to deal with other people’s emotions because they are more sensitive to stronger feelings.

When considering what men want in a woman, it is definitely important to consider how sensitive they are to certain emotions. Do they find it hard to talk about the things that have troubled them in the past? This can be a  hint.

While not all men are equal in their ability to deal with certain emotions, it should always be considered as a reason for not engaging in a conversation about your feelings.

Therefore, what men want in a woman is “understanding “. If a woman can understand that men are more sensitive to certain emotions, then she can be careful to not push her feelings too hard.

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